Just to make sure everyone knows Sporting see it as a done deal, regardless of FIFA’s opinion on player registration, the club have released a statement confirming all the figures on Adrien Silva to Leicester City.

As a listed company, Sporting are required to publish details relating to big transactions and have done so in detail.

As covered by Portuguese newspaper Record, Sporting state, officially, the total value of Adrien Silva to Leicester City is €29.5m. In addition, Sporting retain 15% of any profit from a future sale.

The €29.5m is made up of a fixed amount of €20m. A figure of €4.5m counting on the accounts from the early termination of Adrien Silva’s contract, so not coming from Leicester City but rather an accounting gain.

A further €5m relating to the performance of Adrien Silva at Leicester City, and the club’s performance as a whole.

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The Portuguese club take steps to make it clear that Adrien Silva to Leicester City is a completed deal, and add to their statement: ‘In view of the recent news, it is further informed and clarified that the definitive transfer of the sports and economic rights of the professional football player ADRIEN SILVA to Leicester FC is concluded.

‘Finally, it should also be clarified that the delay of the player’s registration in favour of Leicester FC will have no impact on the financial conditions described above, except for a delay in time of receipts resulting from the variable amount associated with the player’s performance.’

Sporting want the world to know that Adrien Silva is no longer their player, and there’s no wriggling out of it for Leicester City.