Since the Italian media reported Manchester United and Sporting are getting closer to an agreement for Bruno Fernandes, we’ve been keeping an eye on the Portuguese press to see if they say something about it.

For the past few hours, all the local outlets could just repeat what had been said in the European press, and some of them even used the English media as an indirect source.

Now RTP (Portugal’s public service broadcaster) finally brings something. After speaking to sources from Sporting, they say the Lisbon club are ‘denying’ the recent claims and quite clearly happy to go public about it.

They specifically mention the claims which said Manchester United and the Lions have an agreement that will only be revealed after the Portuguese Supertaça.

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Sporting said these claims “are completely false”, and expect that “until the Supertaça identical rumours replicate in the same channels”.

RTP still adds that, so far, there are no official bids, let alone an agreement for the transfer of Bruno Fernandes.