There’s too much outrage in football. Even the mildest of opinions can lead those disagreeing to foaming at the mouth and taking to the keyboard, but Liverpool fans have a right be furious with reports from Spain on Thursday.

This week Philippe Coutinho had a window on his Porsche smashed, whilst he was attending a Liverpool event and the car was parked at Anfield. It was covered by the English media without a huge amount of fuss, and without the big finger of blame being pointed anywhere.

After all, that’s for the police to look into.

However, Merseyside’s law enforcement can drop any investigation they may have opened, because the Catalan media have worked it all out for them.

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 12.41.00Mundo Deportivo run a Thursday headline saying: ‘Liverpool fans bricked Coutinho’s Porsche – Upset by his flirtation with Barca’

The car was ‘stoned by angry fans… upset with what they consider a lack of commitment to the colours from one of their main stars’.

The Catalan newspaper continue by saying Coutinho being linked to Barcelona has not gone down ‘at all well’ with the Liverpool faithful.

Mundo Deportivo believe Barcelona aren’t even too fussed about signing Coutinho this summer but ‘The simple fact that he’s placed in the orbit of Barca has already had its first consequences in the English city.’

They finish off their allegations by saying ‘He’s not the priority of the Catalan club, but despite that the followers of his club have made it very clear what their point of view is’.

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 12.48.12The other Catalan sport newspaper, Sport, go with a headline saying ‘Fans stone the car of Coutinho’.

It’s explained that a fan, ‘disgusted’, walked up to the car, bricked it, and ran off. Sport say that’s what the Daily Mail said, but the English newspaper didn’t blame Liverpool fans.

Sport say ‘some of the fans’ aren’t willing to go along with the idea of Coutinho moving to Barcelona, and Coutinho’s window getting smashed came as a response.

Amusingly, Sport even take some form of credit, claiming it was their Tuesday front page (which said Coutinho had answered ‘Si’ to a Barcelona transfer) which ’caused the anger of Liverpool fans’.