We have a new word!

Mourinhización: When someone or something takes on the characteristics of Jose Mourinho.

Spanish newspaper Marca go with a headline on Thursday reading ‘La mourinhización de Pep Guardiola’ and they believe Manchester City’s manager is morphing into his Manchester United ‘arch-enemy’.

The case for the prosecution starts by explaining the real culprit for City’s Champions League exit wasn’t on the pitch, but rather on the bench. Well, until he got sent to the stands.

Guardiola’s decisions in the first leg are presented as fatal, with the Ilkay Gundogan experiment highlighted as the major reason.

The Manchester City manager getting himself sent off at half time after shouting at referee Mateu Lahoz is a sign for Marca that the mourinhización was complete, but that’s not really enough… so they add more.

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Despite being the man who Marca feel was to blame, Guardiola wasn’t ready to look at himself: ‘The bad losing that was always attributed to Jose Mourinho seized the body of Pep’

Guardiola attacked the referee in the press conference, and even brought up a favourable decision Lahoz had given to Real Madrid last season. Madrid were playing Bayern Munich at the time, and Vidal picked up a red card, leading Pep to say: “Arbitration decisions are very important in this competition, as with the expulsion of Vidal suffered by Bayern last season against Madrid.” 

The Spanish newspaper finish off their case for the mourinhización of Pep Guardiola with: ‘Far from doing self-criticism, Guardiola attacked the referee. Or against the “athletes” of Real Madrid. Everything except looking at himself. What his ‘arch-enemy’ Jose is always recriminated for. In the end, they do not differ in so many things.’