It seems like Andre Gomes is being taken to market as the goose who can lay golden eggs.

Initially reports coming out of the Valencia media were negative towards the idea of a sale but things have changed somewhat.

We can get HOW MUCH for Andre Gomes?

A realisation (maybe a delusion, time will tell) at Valencia that Andre Gomes could go for more than €60m has changed things. Rather than approaching the situation with a heavy heart, local Valencia newspaper Super Deporte now seem rather excited.

Super Deporte explain that Valencia’s standpoint is now: €65m for Andre Gomes or he’s going nowhere.

The Spanish club would have to give Benfica, who they bought the player from, some of the transfer fee and that’s pushed things even higher.

Manchester United are held aloft as the team at the front of the queue. Jose Mourinho is named as ‘favourite’ to sign Gomes, because of the manager’s relationship with agent Jorge Mendes.

Super Deporte don’t think Manchester United recruitment already this window would rule Gomes out, and they say the club could strike at any time.

Barcelona, Real Madrid, Chelsea and Juventus are also linked, but, unsurprisingly, none of them are keen on paying the asking price.