Manolo Gabbiadini returning to Bologna has been a theme in the Italian media for several weeks.

The player’s agent has said enough to make it clear a transfer will be considered in the summer, but also made it clear Gabbiadini still has hopes of making himself a Premier League success.

Bologna look to be doing some early transfer planning, because Calciomercato report the Southampton player is joined by Hull City’s Abel Hernandez as a transfer target.

Hernandez has been linked with several Italian clubs recently, as his agent, always happy to drive transfer rumours, tries to find several options ahead of the summer.

The Hull City player has a contract expiring in June and will likely try to make the most out of his free transfer status.

Southampton would demand a big fee for Gabbiadini, even if he seems something of an outcast right now, and the Italian striker would be a much more costly deal than Hernandez, even with the latter inevitably wanting a big signing on fee and agent commission.