Big European clubs normally keep a very professional stance on social media. Even though there’s good humour with interviews and signings, they hardly provoke each other in a serious way.

When Arsenal signed Pierre Emerick Aubameyang, for example, there were several suggestions that he could be announced breaking a piano, as a reference to Alexis Sanchez’ move to Manchester United. However, the Gunners would obviously never do something like that.

But well, things happen quite differently in South America.

Santos and Corinthians are currently fighting for the left-back Zeca, who was even linked to the likes of Liverpool in the past.

Now the war going on between the clubs has been so entertaining that it certainly deserves a story, and maybe a suggestion for European sides when the transfer window comes.

It all started at the end of the last year, when Santos didn’t pay Zeca correctly.

The player knew he would be paid in a few weeks, since these delays are normal among Brazilian sides. But as he was unhappy with the campaign and the fans’ recent reactions, he decided to sue Santos, and the court allowed him not to play for them anymore.

So Zeca thought he was free to sign for any other side, and that’s when Corinthians became interested. They negotiated for months, and the deal seemed really close. The club’s thought was that since he wasn’t a Santos player, he could be signed for free.

On Tuesday, Corinthians showed he was close to being announced, as they tweeted a provocation to their rivals.

The tweet showed a car in the road between Santos and São Paulo, the city where Corinthians are based. They pretended they were monitoring traffic, saying the way was free to go.

Santos, who were confident that things are not so simple, and that they deserve to be paid the release clause in case Corinthians sign him, were quick responding.

They also pretended to be following the traffic, and claimed that people should be careful when moving on the road, otherwise it could cost them millions.

Things started getting more funny because even though Corinthians promised more news on their channel later, these updates never came. That’s when Santos fans started joking with the situation.

Now it seems that the car has never really made it. Because today Corinthians released an official statement saying they are not signing Zeca, as the club are afraid that they may have to pay too much money in case justice is not in their favour.

Could Santos see it all quietly? Of course not. Minutes later, they posted the video of a man taking the road back to Santos on a supermarket trolley, clearly as a reference for Zeca, who can’t find a new club.