It didn’t take long.

Paul Pogba speaking to the Argentine media and saying he’d quite fancy playing alongside Neymar one day was always going to lead to one or all of several things.

Pogba would be linked with a move to PSG, Neymar would be linked with a move to Manchester United, or both the players would be linked with moves to Real Madrid.

France’s SFR have kicked off with the first one, explaining how the two footballers seem to have some kind of kinship despite not knowing each other very well.

SFR state: ‘Although they play in two different positions, the two players share their taste for good humour, extravagance (hair and clothing) and notoriety.’

Practically the same person then.

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On playing together, SFR say PSG could be attentive given they need a defensive midfielder and ‘his wish should not remain silent’, suggesting it could be the ‘soap opera of the summer’.

But Pogba doesn’t really see himself as a defensive midfielder, as Jose Mourinho has found out at Manchester United this season.