After West Ham’s defeat to Sevilla in the Europa League last night, we were expecting the Spanish press to have something to say on David Moyes’ side.

The expectation was that they would be less than impressed by what the Hammers had to show in the 1-0 defeat, and it seems we weren’t wrong.

While the focus of the coverage of the game is on Sevilla and how well they played, which is more than justified, journalist Luis Carlos Peris could not avoid taking a dig at West Ham in the process.

He explains in Diario de Sevilla that Sevilla completed this fixture ‘on a high note’ and ‘literally overwhelmed’ a West Ham side that ‘did not justify the string of compliments’ that had been dished out ahead of the game.

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He admits that this West Ham team is ‘good’ but has not been in continental football for a long time, and it ultimately showed against a Sevilla side who are experienced at this level.

While they showed ‘assimilated concepts’ with a ‘good touch in the middle and quickness at the back’, they could not deal with a Sevilla side ‘at their best’.

The Spanish side were ‘unstoppable’ according to Peris, and that means they will travel to the London Stadium with a win under their belts and momentum on their side.

Whether that will be enough to see them into the next round remains to be seen, but he insists that after Sevilla ‘dismantled’ West Ham here, they will certainly ‘compete’ in the second leg.