‘Hurray’ says Belgian newspaper Het Belang van Limburg, Christian Benteke has scored a goal.

The Crystal Palace striker had gone through a three month dry spell but managed to hit the back of the net as his club battered Leicester City at the weekend.

That’s great for the Belgian media and how they perceive Benteke ahead of the World Cup, but the circumstances aren’t so brilliant.

It was a penalty in a five minute cameo for Benteke and Het Belang van Limburg say if things continue the same way, with regards to minutes played, then he won’t have time to convince Roberto Martinez.

Fortunately for Benteke there’s problems with his competition. Divock Origi isn’t doing well at Wolfsburg and Michy Batshuayi has very big questions around his fitness ahead of the tournament in Russia.

To take advantage of that, Benteke now needs to get on the pitch for Palace.

He needs some help from manager Roy Hodgson, and if the intention is to keep the striker for next season, as the footballer has made clear will suit him, packing him off to the World Cup and turning pessimism to optimism wouldn’t be a bad aim for the club.