Everton fans who checked Twitter on Monday morning probably found themselves a little lost with what Richarlison had been writing.

With Premier League players all spending a few weeks at home, the Toffees’ star didn’t mind staying up quite late to comment on Big Brother Brasil, one of his favourite TV shows.

It turned out that the striker published a few tweets which got quite big, and we’re happy to explain it to those who’ve been interested in understanding it.

It started with the fact that on Sunday night, it was decided that three Big Brother Brasil participants were going to a public vote and may leave the show. That’s two of Richarlison’s favourites, Prior and Babu, and also Brazilian celebrity Manu Gavassi.

Richarlison first tweeted #foramanu (#manuout), in a tweet which had 37k retweets and 112k likes. Then he found an old tweet where she says she hates football, and replied with a gif telling her to shut up.

Then it was time to invite English people to vote against her. Richarlison retweeted a tweet which said she’s a big fan who wants to meet the him, pretending it was all for a good cause.

To get even more votes, the player said he’d give away an Everton shirt if Manu went out of the show. That tweet not only got 38k retweets and 152k likes, but he’s also been joined by the likes of Gabigol and former Manchester United fullback Fabio da Silva, who promised to do the same.

Then in a final and funniest act of the night, Richarlison picked a fight with Brazilian actress Bruna Marquezine, who’s a friend of Manu Gavassi and probably known in Europe as Neymar’s ex-girlfriend.

Marquezine, who has over seven million followers, said Richarlison and Gabigol were going too far against her friend. The Everton star replied to her with an old meme of Inter Milan legend Adriano, which is a video cut where he says ‘look here, so called Bruna’. That made him the hero of the night in Brazil.

With the result of the vote coming out on Tuesday night, we’re now pretty sure that Big Brother Brasil never had this much interest in England before.