Mayor of Piraeus and Olympiacos president Ioannis Moralis has revealed the club’s owner Evangelos Marinakis was infected with the Coronavirus during his stay in England.

Yesterday Marinakis, who also owns Nottingham Forest, said he’s tested positive for the virus and will stay at home during his recovery.

This led to doubts around Wolves’ match against the Greek club on Thursday.

Speaking to Greek TV ANT1 as covered by Snda, Moralis said Marinakis is currently fine and taking all the necessary precautions: “I think he’s mildly ill and I consider this as a good thing. It’s obvious that he was struck with the virus during his stay in England. But for me, he did the right thing by going to a doctor as soon as he showed some of the symptoms.

“We now need to listen to doctors and take some measures about hygiene. It is completely unexpected, but we now have to deal with it.”

In addition to that, Moralis said he is expecting the Europa League game against Wolves will go ahead as expected: “We think the match will be played, without the fans of course. But this situation is completely unprecedented, and the decision could change. But so far, everything indicates that the game should go ahead.”

As a result of Marinakis being tested positive it’s been confirmed Arsenal’s Premier League clash with Manchester City will not go ahead tonight. The Nottingham Forest chief was in attendance during Olympiacos’ victory over the Gunners in the last round of the Europa League.

There have been also calls for the tie with Wolves to be called off due to the risk of the virus.