The report is a public, scientific, official document written by students to study the topic covered during the study. The report is not very difficult to write, but it takes a long time.

Preparation of the report

To prepare a report, it is first important to choose a suitable and interesting topic, collect materials on this topic, prepare a manuscript, and analyze it carefully. In general, it is very important to accurately organize and assimilate the entire text, as it is usually not allowed to read the report during the report. Also, the student, having studied all the materials, makes a good impression on the audience and feels more confident. To avoid getting bored listening to the report, you need to prepare a presentation – sometimes it is even necessary. Therefore, it is important to pay close attention to the preparation of report slides.

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The preparation of slides for the report begins when all the material is collected and all scientific sources are systematized. Before creating slides, it is important to make a presentation plan. You can then select illustrations, tables, and graphs that match the theme. It should be understood that the report should not contain the full text of the speech, but only the most important statements that focus students’ attention on the issues of scientific research. Besides, it is important to consider how much time will be allocated for each slide. It usually takes one or two minutes per slide, so if you’re going to talk to an audience for twenty minutes, you’ll need to prepare from twelve slides. It is important to know what information to present on the slides. The first slide should indicate the name of the report, its author, the higher education institution where the student is studying. The second slide usually contains a note. The third slide points to the content (the research topic is presented). Other slides are usually used to present the problem: one or two slides – to formulate the problem and the purpose of the work; one (optional) slide – for the presentation of own or other author’s works; one slide to discuss the methods used. Other slides show the author’s results. These slides are the most important because they are best remembered by your audience. You can dedicate a separate slide to discuss the progress of the work. You can also include additional slides to the questions that are likely to be offered for discussion with the audience.

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