Tuttosport can’t be faulted for their commitment to reporting on Emre Can. It would almost certainly be no exaggeration to say that over the past year they’ve had more than 200 stories about the player’s possible move to Juventus.

With a Liverpool contract expiring at the end of June, this would be a bargain move for the club and that’s the big attraction.

Everything was all supposed to be sorted out by now, and it had even been expected Juventus would have announced the Liverpool player’s arrival, but no such jump has been taken.

Despite that, Tuttosport say ‘positive signals’ are being sent that it could all be sorted out soon. It’s stated, for an Italian audience, that in Germany it’s now considered Juventus are ahead of Bayern Munich.

But in all honesty it’s hardly been reported on in Germany at all. Just like the supposed Real Madrid interest hasn’t taken off in Spain.

Tuttosport reckon Juventus could get the answer they want in ‘a matter of days’. It’s been hours previously, let’s hope nobody held their breath.

The more this drags on the curiouser it is. Liverpool seems such a feel good club at the moment that it’s a surprise the midfielder isn’t considering a stay, but that prospect doesn’t even come into the equation for the Italian media.