Manchester City attacker Thomas Agyepong has told the Dutch media he suffers from homesickness after moving from Ghana to Europe.

The 21 year old joined Manchester City in 2015, and is currently on loan with Dutch side NAC Breda. have reported on comments from the Ghanian: “I sometimes have a lot of homesickness, but then I call my mother and then we talk, we make each other laugh, it’s not that difficult.”

It’s claimed the footballer wants to stay and the Dutch club longer, and he explained: “People in Breda make me feel at home, that I am part of it, NAC is also a great club to play for. When we play in our own stadium, I always compare the atmosphere with that at Anfield, home to Liverpool, people love the club and give it everything.”

In 2016, it was confirmed NAC Breda and Manchester City had a formed a partnership, which would allow the Premier League club to send players on loan to the Dutch side.

This allows the Premier League champions to give their youngsters playing time at a senior level, and Agyepong has been one to benefit from this, making nearly 30 league appearances for the club.

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The deal will be for a period of five years, and the agreement gives a more formal basis to the relationship. Manchester City also collaborate with Breda and share knowledge on matters such as scouting, creating a culture of mutual expertise.

Agyepong is clearly very content with all of this, and pleased with the path his parent club have put him on.