When the Portuguese press is interested in a transfer, they will keep feeding the speculation as long as they can. But when they want to kill a rumour right away, they do a quick job, and this time it’s crushing a potential Southampton deal.

Benfica fullback André Almeida is back from injury, and should be returning to the team in a couple of days. He’s one of the right-backs who will fight to earn Nelson Semedo’s place after the player left to Barcelona.

As they write a story on Almeida today, newspaper A Bola recalls the player has just linked been to Southampton by the English press. But they make it clear don’t believe the transfer is happening.

According to the outlet, Benfica manager Rui Vitória has told president Luis Filipe Vieira he doesn’t want the right-back to leave, and that’s how things should stand.

Benfica can do a great job selling but can also build a fortress to keep their stars. If they really don’t want him to go, Southampton will have to spend an awful lot of money to do the deal.

Things could change, but it’s not often the Portuguese press kill a rumour, so perhaps this is a clear sign for Southampton.