There’s still a weird situation surrounding Jonathan Calleri’s transfer to West Ham.

The player, who reportedly said “I need only to complete the visa and if there is no problem, and if everything goes well, I’ll play in the West Ham team”, still hasn’t been announced by the Hammers.

This morning, we’ve covered reports from Spain which suggested that since these quotes happened more than one week ago, Barcelona could still try to sign him.

But that’ not what is being said in Portugal. This Tuesday, A Bola claims that Porto have not moved for Calleri because he has already signed for West Ham, given the transfer as done.

The player wouldn’t be ruling out moves if the move wasn’t already agreed, which just makes the situation more stranger, given the lack of an announcement.

Calleri’s European passport has been an issue for a long time. It really seems that he does have a verbal agreement with the English side, but without a work permit, the transfer will never happen.