Celta Vigo are spending part of their preseason in England, with friendlies against Burnley and Brentford coming up. That gives a chance for scouts to watch their players without travelling to far, if not at a very high standard, and within the limitations of a preseason friendly.

It’s not the material transfer decisions are made upon.

However, Celta’s visit to English had led to the English media kicking off rumours, one of those being a Tottenham interest in Pape Cheikh. The 19 year old midfielder is reportedly of interest to Mauricio Pochettino, and the club will watch him during the England matches.

Tottenham are said to have the most interest, and a bank of positive reports on the youngster.

These claims have made their way to Galicia, where, perhaps slightly unfamiliar with the English tendency to build a rumour from nothing, La Voz de Galicia have moved to dismiss any idea of a concrete effort.

Pape Cheikh hasn’t been the subject of offers or requests from Tottenham or anyone else, report La Voz.

Unless he can do more than would be reasonably expect against Burnley and Brentford, that situation is likely to stay the same.

Should Tottenham have any Pape Cheikh interest, then it’s probably something for the future rather than now.