Jorginho’s agent cannot be accused of letting the player’s potential transfer drop out of the news.

Joao Santos has been happy to speak to a string of Italian publications, talking up a potential transfer but making it clear it’s down to the club’s involved.

Despite claims of a deal almost being done weeks ago, Napoli and Manchester City have continued to tussle over price and whilst they may well be getting close, things don’t seem quite there just yet.

Jorginho wants to make the move but at this stage there’s no sign of him going full Riyad Mahrez and trying to force things, with his agent explaining more than once that whilst the Manchester City chance is a huge one, there’s a possibility the player could be at Napoli next season.

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Speaking to Italy’s TMW, Joao Santos has now said: “Today the certainty is that Manchester City are interest in Jorginho and the boy wants to go there. It will be a crucial week. Jorginho must know his future within a short time.”

With Italy not qualifying for the World Cup, this potential transfer doesn’t have that dynamic which is one of the reasons why there was no huge rush to get things finalised before the tournament began.