A week ago, claims started in the English media that Middlesbrough were interested in signing Enzo Zidane on loan. Zinedine’s son is set to leave Real Madrid on loan, and the Aitor Karanka link made the story plausible.

Of course, the Spanish media picked the claims, and we covered Marca taking it seriously. Marca didn’t rubbish the claims, but they also didn’t add anything of their own, making it clear they knew nothing independently of a an approach from Middlesbrough.

The transfer story rumbled on over the past week and on Sunday, tucked away at the bottom of an article on Martin Odegaard, Marca say Enzo Zidane is seriously considering an offer from Middlesbrough.

They add nothing more and we’re still not convinced there’s a great deal of truth in this one. Ezno would likely be better served by a Spanish or French loan, and Middlesbrough have enough young talents to bed in, without having to be responsible for those belonging to others.