Martin Olsson, who has previously played for Blackburn Rovers, Norwich City and Swansea City, is suddenly been involved in some big trouble while playing in Sweden.

As reported by Fotboll Skanalen, the Malmö centre-back punched Varbergs BoIS player Robin Tranberg in the face during a match at the weekend.

Olsson obviously got sent off for that, but his punishment could go beyond the pitch as well, as it’s said that a private person ‘reported him to the police’.

An official statement made it clear that the former Blackburn, Norwich and Swansea man is now under investigation.

“There is a report drawn up for minor abuse. Circumstances: in the 90th minute of a match between MFF and Varbergs, one player hit another with a clenched fist in the face. It is unclear whether any injuries have occurred.”

The defender tries to excuse himself by claiming he got punched first, but it’s now the Swedish authorities who’ll have a verdict on the case.

Olsson was quite young when he first moved to England, as he left Hogaborg’s academy to join Blackburn back in 2006.

The defender made his way through to Rovers’ first team and stayed until 2013, when he was then sold to Norwich City on a €2.9m deal.

He spent a few years with the Canaries before joining Swansea City in January 2017, this time for €4.6m.

It was in 2020 that he left British football, moving over to Helsingborgs, Hacken and finally Malmö, all in his home country.