Following the deal struck between Tottenham and Djurgården for the transfer of Lucas Bergvall, there has been a lot of talk around how the relationship between the two clubs could evolve.

The prospect of a friendly between the two clubs has already been evoked, and now we see the club’s sporting director, Bosse Andersson, hint the Swedish side could also end up loaning a player from Spurs.

Speaking to Fotbollskanalen, relayed by Fotboll Direkt, he recalled how a former Tottenham player spent some time in Scandinavia back in the day, and suggested history could end up repeating itself.

He said: “If we feel that it is an opportunity for us and Tottenham see an opportunity, and the player agrees to it, then… (it could be relevant). If you can loan a player to Poland, why can’t you do it to Sweden?

“Teddy Sheringham was in Djurgården for a whole season in 1985. It went pretty well for him. That was a long time ago, but it is clear that such situations can happen again. We have a good league in Sweden.”

The player currently loaned in Poland is Luka Vuskovic, who has been bought by Tottenham from Hajduk Split, but cannot join until 2025.

That is why he is currently playing for Radomiak, and that’s the kind of deal Andersson would like to see happen at Djurgården if possible.

As to who could be loaned, it’s reported the Swedish side need a striker, and when asked, the sporting director told the outlet: “You can Google that yourself.”

That’s what Fotboll Direkt did, and came up with five names: Jaden Williams, Will Lankshear, Jude Soonsup-Bell, Dane Scarlett and Jamie Donley.