Inter Milan dedicated website FC Inter News comes up with some strange claims about João Mário this Thursday.

The outlet claims the footballer has rejected a possible move to Chelsea just so he wouldn’t have to work under Maurizio Sarri.

Completely frustrated with Italian football, the player wouldn’t want to meet an Italian manager again, and turned down the possibility to join the Blues.

João Mário spent the second part of the last season on a loan deal at West Ham, and has good references from English football. Still, he wouldn’t like to work with the former Napoli boss.

That’s why the Portuguese international keeps looking for a new destination this summer, in a new league, of course. Inter Milan want him gone for good, but all the offers are for a loan.

Now would João Mario really turn down a Chelsea move just because of the manager’s nationality? That sounds strange, to say the least, even because he shouldn’t have another chance to play for a club of this level so soon.

João Mário isn’t much liked at Inter after saying he wants a return to the Premier League. Maybe this is all part of some campaign to portray him as anti-Italian.