For a complicated transfer, Wellington Silva from Fluminense to Arsenal to Bordeaux seemed relatively simple, but it’s dragging out nonetheless.

A mountainous amount of legal paperwork is needed to make sure Arsenal aren’t left in the middle with the Brazilian, and that will somewhat eat into the Premier League club’s profit.

Original reports, from Silva’s native Brazil, explained that Arsenal would be using their €3.5m buyback clause, and then selling the player on to Bordeaux for €5m. Things have slowed down since, but over the past few days there’s been renewed optimism that a deal can quickly be wrapped up.

Sunday’s edition of L’Equipe reports that Silva to Bordeaux will be ‘formalised at the beginning of next week’.

The Brazilian is expected on Monday morning for a Bordeaux medical, so things really are imminent.

L’Equipe now believe Bordeaux are paying Arsenal €4.5m for the player, and that would take Arsenal’s profit down to €1m, before any other costs, if the other figures have been correct.