As Aston Villa are still to speak out on Philippe Coutinho’s situation, the Brazilian media shares some updates on the process.

UOL had already claimed there’s an agreement for the contract rescission, and their journalist André Hernan now claims the announcement should be made by the English club in the coming days.

The reporter says that Coutinho will absolutely be making his return to Vasco da Gama, and there’s no way that move will collapse.

The player reportedly told Aston Villa he’d like to return to his old club, and that’s one of the factors which is convincing the club to let him leave for free.

It’s only once he becomes a free agent that Coutinho will reach a final agreement with Vasco, who’ll hand him a two or three-year contract.

The midfielder had been loaned out to Al-Duhail this season, but there was never a chance he could stay at the Qatari side.

Since he was also out of Aston Villa plans, he needed to find a new destination anyway, and the return home seems to be the favourite option.