Amid rumours that Inter Milan could soon be receiving investment from a Saudi family, Newcastle United ended up being mentioned in the conversation.

The words can be found on Io Tifo Inter, with the website covering a column from newspaper Corriere Della Sera.

As they speak about the kind of investment Inter Milan could be attracting, they mention PIF and the future partners that Newcastle could be having.

‘The potential buyer of Inter would fall within the circle of the Riyadh royal family and, as proof of his interest in Italian football, they would also have attempted an approach with Juventus in the past, which was rejected by the Agnelli-Elkann family. It would therefore not be the PIF fund which, after taking control of Newcastle, seems to be oriented towards building a constellation of smaller satellite clubs around the English team. But of a member of the ruling Al-saud dynasty that has its pivot in Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.’

That essentially means that PIF would not be making a move for Inter Milan, but there’s a good chance someone else in the Saudi empire will be. Newcastle, meanwhile, would be the leading club in a different group.

When thinking of club networks, it’s hard not to mention Manchester City, who have satellite clubs all over the world, with the City Group not having huge ambitions for them aside from Pep Guardiola’s side.

It seems Newcastle could then be the next to get that kind of support, which could help them in several ways, especially to recruit some young talents from around the world and let them develop somewhere else. That will depend on the clubs that PIF want to buy.