Aston Villa goalkeeper Pepe Reina believes it is unlikely the Premier League will return by the proposed April 30th date the governing body is hoping for.

As is the case in the rest of Europe, England’s top-flight has been postponed until later in the year as the UK heads towards lockdown in its attempts to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Officials have suggested that April 30th is when the league will return, the hope being that by the point the government will have gotten a handle on the growing epidemic.

At the moment that looks unlikely to happen, though, with the UK’s number of infections and deaths continuing to rise.

Reina, who is currently on loan at Aston Villa from AC Milan, certainly doesn’t think the league will be returning at that point.

“Time will dictate when to re-play,” he told Sport.

“April 30th as an option for the Premier to return seems to me that it will not be a real date and I think we are going to go much further.

“But it will be time that dictates the moment. When we are all safe, and this epidemic passes, at least when the contagion peak stops, it will be time to take action and set dates.

“So far, it is useless to talk and predict any return option.”

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Should the Premier League fail to return on the 30th of next month, serious conversations will have to be held about whether the league will return at all.

Most are in favour of the season being played out, with the title race, top four and relegation battles all to be decided.

However, there is a growing belief that it simply won’t be possible, leaving this season null and void and clubs forced to start anew next year.

That would suit Aston Villa, who are currently in the bottom three and two points from safety as it stands.

Reina isn’t focused on that, though, instead insisting that football can only return when it is safe for it to do so.

“I will be a supporter of playing when everything is in the best conditions, that everyone is safe,” he added.

“Football cannot be a priority right now; it is not important to finish this league.

“I know and am aware of all the interests that exist around soccer, especially economic ones.

“But there are also many other areas, and right now the first thing is people’s health, to end this epidemic.

“And you have to be aware of this. We will be locked up until this happens and it has to be.”