Paul Pogba to Manchester United has reached full saga status. The Juventus midfielder was at an awards ceremony in the US on Wednesday evening, and had Manchester United, Real Madrid and Juventus shirts thrust in front of him.

This morning we’ve had a series of tweets sent to us detailing this. Here’s the first one.

Then followed a video in which Pogba is given the Juventus shirt and he says ‘es mi equipo, mi familia’ which means ‘my team, my family’.

It’s a short video and there’s no further context, we’re still digging around for the full version.

There are of course further claims of quotes speeding their way around social media, with claims Pogba has said he’s very happy at Juventus… which everyone knew anyway.

Further still, there claims that Pogba has said he wants to stay where he is, but without the full video there’s no way of us verifying this.

Update: Having found another video, when Pogba is handed the Manchester United shirt, he says it was his “first family” and then when asked if they telephoned would he return, he’s very noncommittal and goes on to say “I don’t know, we’ll see, we’ll see”.

When asked which of the shirts he wanted for next season, Pogba said “I’ll take all three.”