Antonio Barragan passed a medical to join Real Betis on Tuesday.

At the time reports in the Spanish press suggested an announcement was imminent, Barragan would be quickly returning to Spain after a short Middlesbrough career.

Talks between Middlesbrough and Betis were said to be ‘very advanced’ and the 30 year old would soon be wearing Betis’ green and white stripes, on a deal which would start as a loan and have a buying clause at the end.

Then Bayer Leverkusen came in, offering Middlesbrough a better deal, and this stalled things, but Estadio Deportivo, a newspaper local to Betis, reports that Barragan’s personal wishes have ended the German track.

Bayer Leverkusen may be offering a better deal for Middlesbrough but the player wants Betis and has already agreed personal terms. It sounds like it would be difficult for Middlesbourgh to force the issue, and Estadio say that unless anything ‘unusual’ happens, Barragan will be a Betis player soon.

By ‘unusual’ they probably mean Bayer Leverkusen offering personal terms too good to turn down.