Last summer, Brazilian midfielder Pedro Lima left Palmeiras for Norwich City on a loan deal.

The midfielder hasn’t made his debut for the Canaries’ first team yet, as he’s part of their U-21 squad and has been featuring in the Premier League 2, where he’s made five appearances so far.

Lima this week had an interview with TNT Sports in Brazil, and talked a little about his experience at Norwich City. He was asked whether playing for the reserve squad was already agreed when he accepted the move, and he confirmed that it’s all going according to plan.

“I knew it would initially be for the Under-21s, but what really caught my attention was that, obviously, we youngsters really want to play professional football,” Lima told TNT Sports.

“I’ve had several professional clubs interested, even though I’m under-21. It caught my attention because everyone knows that football here is very intense, very fast, the athletic part of the player is also very important and this would be very important for me to develop because of my characteristics, because I’m a more technical player, who plays more with the ball.

“Thinking about my career, I’m 20 years old, still young, and this phase could be important for the future of my career. But I already knew that the start would be in the Under-21s, in Premier League 2. Depending on my performance, as I’m entering my third month, opportunities will arise. I’m training with the professionals too.”

Lima is loaned by Palmeiras to Norwich City until the end of the season, and it’s not yet clear whether the Canaries have any intention to make the transfer permanent.

A loan from Brazil to England is obviously a uncommon situation, so it doesn’t seem like Palmeiras would put big obstacles in the way selling him. But that we’ll see, largely because the midfielder still needs to convince the Championship side he deserves the potential investment.