Mateo Mejía’s situation is still the subject of much talk in the media local to Real Zaragoza.

At the weekend it was claimed in England the 16 year old will soon be joining Manchester United, claims which were quickly questioned in Spain.

However, it wasn’t the transfer itself which was questioned, but rather the amount Zaragoza will get. Rather than it being the €600k+ reported, some believe the move will happen for less than a quarter of that.

The Spanish club denied any negotiations with Manchester United, and then their local media said there wouldn’t have to be talks anyway. With the youngster not being on a full professional contract, he can be snatched away with only compensation payable.

For Zaragoza, it’s especially annoying because they’ve already turned down €500k from Real Madrid. Spanish clubs can’t use the contractual loophole, but those outside the country can.

Aragon Digital report the Premier League club ‘will take Mateo Mejía for just over €100k’.

They report the transfer as fact, and point out what a huge loss it is for Zaragoza, given the player scored more than 50 goals in the youth ranks last season.

Sport Aragon say it’s an ‘open secret’ he’s off to Old Trafford, and claim Zaragoza’s public statement was simply trying to make the situation look better.

El Periodico de Aragaon sound disappointed at Zaragoza losing another youth talent, something which is becoming a trend: ‘This time it will Mateo Mejía, who will become a new player of Manchester United. He will do so, in principle, for an amount that will range between 130,000 and 180,000 euros, in concept of training rights.’