Just last week, there was an idea that Aston Villa could return for Marcos Acuña in the January transfer window after failing in their efforts to sign him this summer.

The Argentine’s situation has changed drastically at Sevilla over the past few months, and it was being reported that the La Liga side want him gone in the next few months.

That opens the door for Aston Villa and Unai Emery, which Vamos Mi Sevilla also bring up on Monday in an article surrounding the left-back.

They explain that following Sevilla’s reluctance to let their player leave for less than €12-15m in the summer, they are now hoping that a team comes forward and is ‘willing to bet on him’.

That’s because they now have Adria Pedrosa in the position doing well for them, meaning they can allow themselves to let him go.

Not only that, but reports have linked Sevilla with Boca Juniors sensation Valentín Barco, who would be worth around €10m and could use the Spanish team as a stepping stone.

Therefore, Sevilla’s willingness to let Acuña go and targeting of the youngster means they will ‘open the exit door’ for the Aston Villa summer target, should Unai Emery want to walk through it once more.