The 3-0 defeat to Liverpool is certainly not leaving Manchester City players’ minds so easily. The way Pep Guardiola’s team was battered at Anfield Road was impressive, taking most by surprise.

There are always one or two players are more affected by this kind of result, for several reasons, and it seems that Gabriel Jesus was one of them this time.

The Brazilian starlet has been celebrating his birthday, and was finally getting a couple of chances to start as Sergio Aguero has been sidelined due to an injury. Almost a perfect week for him.

But the 3-0 defeat had a hard impact. Speaking to Brazilian journalists after the match, Jesus made his sadness quite clear: “I was very happy until the time of the game because of my birthday. Now happiness is aside, there’s no way to continue happy with a result of this and a game like that, speaking personally. It was one of my worst matches. I could not move, nor shoot. There’s no way to be happy.” (via UOL)

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“We know that playing here is difficult. The weather is very complicated, but from the beginning of the game we knew that they would be pressing strongly. Unfortunately, today they managed to score the goals, we didn’t.”

But despite showing a big frustration with Manchester City’s performance against Liverpool, he claims that they should now think of the weekend’s game against Manchester United, which could give them the league title.

“We left sad for the game that we did, it’s complicated. We will not get to sleep because of it. Tomorrow we turn the little switch.”