Leeds United winger Pablo Hernandez has given a very good interview to Spanish newspaper Marca this Friday.

The player had a lot to say about his start of the season with the Championship side, hoping that Marcelo Bielsa’s arrival will help the club to return to the Premier League.

“Having a manager recognized for his career like Bielsa is what it needs. Hopefully this repercussion will help us get promoted. Leeds, in any case, are one of the big ones”, Hernandez told Marca.

“They call us the sleeping giant. The club were relegated in 2004 due to economic problems, but people know that soon we will return to the elite.”

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Marca made many praises to this stage of Hernandez’ career. They mention that last season he had a personal record of appearances, goals and assists. Also, he was picked as the club’s ‘MVP’ and renewed his contract until 2020.

“I am 33 years old, but I feel good. It was a good year on a personal level, pity that the team, after a good start, ran out of chances to promote. The injuries respected me, I only lost four or five games, and ended up with nine goals and 11 assists. Hopefully this campaign will be, at least, the same as the last one.”

All this success convinced Leeds to give the player a brand new contract. Now Hernandez has signed an extension which runs until 2020, and according to the player, he’s keen on staying at the club at least until the new deal expires.

“It was a positive year. All this helps me not to lower my arms. I renewed for two years and hopefully I will be here, minimum, until I’m 35. As long as I feel good, I’ll hold on to the highest level.”

Regarding his start of the current season, in which he has one goal and two assists in two games, he said: “It’s always good to start well. I scored and, in addition, we beat Stoke, who are the big favourites to move up to the Premier.”

Finally, asked about the chances of being promoted, the player had to warn how difficult it is: “A year and a half ago, a new owner arrived and said he wanted to go up as soon as possible, but it is not easy, because the clubs that come down from the Premier League receive a lot of money and make very competitive squads. We have maintained the squad, but I hope that, with the arrival of Marcelo Bielsa, we can be promoted.”