Over the past week the French media have been unable to agree whether Ander Herrera is absolutely moving to PSG without any doubt, is just the subject of interest without any agreement being reached, or is using the Paris club to try and get better wages elsewhere.

With a Manchester United contract expiring at the end of June, the midfielder has some power when negotiating his next step… and it’s clear he’s been using that opportunity to its fullest.

Saturday’s edition of L’Equipe reports on talks between the player’s camp and PSG. Things are said to be progressing, but despite all the previous claims it’s stated no agreement has yet been found.

The Ligue 1 side have offered a €6m salary, before tax, but it’s claimed Athletic Club Bilbao have made ‘a comparable or even slightly higher’ bid and offered a longer contract.

That €6m figure is much less than some recent reports.

On April 10th, The Times reported Herrera and PSG had come to an agreement which would see the player earn ‘close to’ £200k per week. Those figures were quickly questioned in France.

The €6m would work out at €115k per week.

The Basque press, and specifically El Correo, are usually excellent on all things Athletic related, and they’re certainly not going big with claims of the Bilbao club offering more.

Someone has clearly been pushing higher figures around, possibly in the hope Manchester United, PSG or someone else will match what has, or perhaps hasn’t, been offered.