Marco Asensio has scored a single La Liga goal so far this season.

It’s unlikely he’s going to reach his tally of six in the last campaign, and with four assists so far he may not reach the six he made of those either.

Things were meant to be very different, but like others at Real Madrid the 23 year old has struggled to find his best form.

With Madrid planning a big rebuilding exercise in the summer, El Confidencial report the player’s agent has been pressuring the club to give assurances that Asensio is a big part of that and will be in the team going forward… and this is where Liverpool get a mention.

Horacio Gaggioli has told the media there’s been serious approaches: “During the past year there were offers of between €150m and €180m, but Madrid did not want to listen to them.”

El Confidencial then state: ‘The question is whether the club did well to reject it or Marco Asensio is today a devalued player. The club that was especially interested in signing Asensio was Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool . He was also associated with Juventus. If there is a team that can consider the hiring, it is Bayern Munich, who announce a renewal of the workforce.’

The Reds are presented as having been the most interested and one would believe the insinuation is one of those approaches will have been from them. However, the figures appear way too high for Liverpool to consider, even when the Spaniard was in his best form.

Regardless of whether the agent is telling the truth, and whether El Confidencial are correct about the Premier League club, it’s almost certain nobody would offer such an amount now.

Perhaps the Reds, and other big clubs, are being used to help Asensio’s standing at Real Madrid.