It’s a big Wolves day in the Portuguese media, and we’re now onto our third story of the weekend, with O Jogo bringing their own slant on rumours the club want Talisca.

Talisca to Wolves is a transfer story that will never die, long to live in legend like Wesley Sneijder to Manchester United, and many others of a similar ilk.

Earlier on Saturday we had a run down of where the recent claims have come from, and the conclusion was pretty much nowhere, but that won’t stop reports, and the idea of interest makes some sort of sense.

O Jogo go over the Wolves claims and then mention Talisca’s ‘notorious conflicts’ with Benfica. It’s an interesting point for the Portuguese newspaper to raise, and there have been repeated wars of words and general conflict between Talisca and the club which own him.

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The Brazilian feels he was railroaded into signing his contract with Benfica, and has been touted around Europe more as a commodity than a human being.

Besiktas have a buying option, but Talisca has long dreamed of the Premier League, so there’s every chance he could kick and scream his way out of Turkey should a top flight English club come in.

The buying option lasts until May 31st, and Wolves, and any other interested parties, should surely see that date as key.

O Jogo also add there’s other interest from England, along with the ever present Chinese clubs.