Over two weeks ago an outcome to Serge Aurier’s legal situation was presented as being imminent and since then various different timeframes have been thrown on the saga and all slipped away from.

On Monday, L’Equipe reported Tottenham would find out if they could sign the player on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, L’Equipe reported Tottenham would find out if they could sign the player on Tuesday afternoon.

On Wednesday, L’Equipe report Tottenham will find out if they can sign the player by noon.

It’s the same old, same old. Tottenham have an agreed fee to sign Aurier from PSG, who has already agreed personal terms with Spurs, but it’s the pesky work permit which is causing an issue.

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To save the need for explaining the exact same legal mess again, here’s how we covered L’Equipe’s Monday explanation:

‘The fullback was denied permission to enter England in November for a match against Arsenal. UK authorities rejected Aurier’s application due to a legal issue hanging over the player. A charge for violence against police officers brought Aurier a two month prison sentence, which he’s since been trying to appeal.

L’Equipe believe there should be an outcome for Tottenham on Tuesday. Not necessarily a full appeal outcome, but it’s stated a fresh UK entry application has been submitted, and will be supported by a document showing Aurier won’t be sentenced to prison on appeal.’

The UK Home Office clearly haven’t been fitting into the timetable Aurier’s camp hoped they would, and the longer time goes on the shakier things look.

With the transfer window closing on Thursday it’s unlikely the Home Office will drop everything to assist Aurier, especially if they’ve been given never ending missed deadlines for his appeal to be fully sorted out, which it doesn’t seem is or will be this week.

Tottenham should certainly have an alternative ready for Mauricio Pochettino.

It may be significant that L’Equipe aren’t even going big on the story on Wednesday. Their Aurier to Tottenham update comes at the end of a small snippet on Krychowiak moving to West Brom on loan.