It’s normal that when Brazilian footballers leave for Europe at a young age, they are hardly known in their own country, especially if they don’t play for a huge club.

But somehow, Léo Bonatini has been getting big attention from the Brazilian press in the past few months, with Wolverhampton’s Championship winning campaign being highlighted worldwide.

This week, he’s spoken to Globo Esporte about the season he’s had with the English side, and claimed that the title didn’t cause a shock because of the great players they have in the squad.

“Surprise, I do not think so. The club made investments, brought world-class players, with a name. They managed to bring in Rúben Neves, an player of expression, a player who gives security to the very good people there in the midfield. Among so many players, Diogo Jota.

“Anyway, all the players are very important, the English, the ones who stayed here from last season. But I think the main thing is the union of the group, I think Nuno was able to really make this group well united, very close. We embraced his idea of work, during the whole league we always tried to do what he passed on to us.”

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Bonatini is currently loaned by Al Hilal until the end of the season, with Wolves having a buying option over him. And he’s not afraid of expressing his wish to stay: “My dream is to be able to stay and play the Premier League, but let’s see what is best for the club and for me.”

Globo Esporte also tried to get a word from Bonatini regarding the investigation over Wolves’ signings and the club’s relationship with agent Jorge Mendes. But the player avoided to talk much about it, claiming that the campaign has never been unfair to the other clubs.

“I remember that this issue came up here just around Christmas, a few months ago. It’s like, within the club itself it had no repercussion. There isn’t much to talk about, we deserved this promotion on the pitch. We were not helped in any game, quite the opposite, because we faced adverse situations during the entire league. Playing difficult and competitive games.”

“I can’t speak for something I do not know, but I can say that we have total merits to for going up, we’re going up on the pitch. We had no refereeing help, nothing. I think that’s what I can say and guarantee.”