It’s fair to say AC Milan’s local media isn’t as excited about Marouane Fellaini moving to the club as many Manchester United fans are.

At first it was outright denied, and it’s being treated as an arm’s length possibility. There’s not been a string of huge articles, and even comments from a Milan director, suggesting interest, haven’t been grasped, largely because that kind of things happens all the time in Italy.

The claims of Milan offering a three year contract to Fellaini, who sees his Manchester United deal expire next month, originated in Belgium… so it doesn’t take a great deal of thought to work out whose camp is pushing it.

On Thursday Gazzetta dello report on Milan transfer and have a little snippet for Fellaini: ‘It will be a question of choices and accounts, because Milan must also reinforce in midfield. Eye to Marouane Fellaini, United’s Belgian known for the body (big), the contract (heavy but expired) and the hair (inflated).

‘Fellaini is a free transfer and would have no problem accepting Milan even in the event of exclusion from the Europa League. The problem is that it asks for a very heavy contract – we are talking about €10m net per season – and in the last season he had very little impact. Possible news for him? Yes, already in the next four to five days.’

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They don’t exactly sound thrilled about the idea, and that’s the general feeling around Italy. Fellaini is free, that’s good, but he wants to make up for that with huge wages and that’s causing an issue.

Should the midfielder drag this situation out much longer then Jose Mourinho needs to make a call, the club can’t wait all summer.

Fellaini may want to concentrate on the World Cup, but Belgium’s preparations shouldn’t really be the concern of Manchester United.