Since signing for Newcastle United this summer, Brazilian striker Joelinton has given a large number of interviews to his home country media.

Most of these chats are about the big move to the Premier League and the pressure of playing for an historic club. But now speaking to newspaper Folha de São Paulo, the player has mostly talked about another subject.

Joelinton left Brazil at the age of 18, having been sold by Sporting to Hoffenheim. In his talk to Folha, he spoke about the struggles of moving to Germany at such an early age.

“[This proposal] was something that came up very fast, I didn’t expect. I knew it would be difficult, I was just getting started and I only had a year playing pro, but for my family it would be the best decision”, Joelinton told Folha.

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Folha recalls that Joelinton played for only five minutes in his first season at Hoffenheim, and he says his adaptation wasn’t easy.

“The language was hard, it was horrible not being able to communicate with the teammates. I’d go out to eat and couldn’t order, would get something totally different. I wasn’t well.”

“I needed to play and learn the language. I took classes three times a week and I grew up playing, gaining experience.”

After succeeding in Bundesliga, Joelinton was good enough to convince Newcastle to pay €44m for him.

“Hoffenheim didn’t even want me to leave anymore. Then came something good for everyone. It’s a very big responsibility, even for values, but I try not to bring pressure anymore. Things change very quickly for me.”

Joelinton has started in both of Newcastle’s Premeir League games this season, against Arsenal and Norwich City. With the Magpies losing the two of them, the striker still seeks his first goal for the club.