Matz Sels’ Newcastle future remains a big interest in Belgium, mostly because he keeps performing for Anderlecht on his loan as they try salvage their season with some playoff wins.

However, the problem for the Belgian side is the fact they don’t have a clause to make the deal permanent, meaning they would have to negotiate with the Magpies and face a lot of competition.

This is what DH are reporting on Wednesday, explaining that even if Sels ‘wouldn’t say no’ to a second season (or longer) at Anderlecht, he doesn’t really have a say in it.

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The Belgian outlet explain that ‘if Newcastle can sell him to an English that offers more money, they won’t gift Anderlecht anything’.

Considering the 26-year-old has just come off a good season and still has three years left on his current deal, there’s also a chance Rafa Benitez decides to keep him for the upcoming season if the club manages to stay in the Premier League.

They’re currently in a semi-decent position to do that, sitting 13th in the league, five points above Crystal Palace in the relegation zone.