Manchester City goalkeeper Ederson made his international debut for Brazil this week, as the country managed to get a great 3-0 win over Chile.

The 24-year-old was barely threatened by Chile’s attack, and the lack of work even convinced him to stay on the pitch during half time to continue warming up.

Given all of that, there wasn’t anything to complain about with his performance, it was a good way to introduce himself to many Brazilian fans who haven’t followed his development in Europe, where he moved at the age of 16.

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Speaking to the local press after the game, manager Tite praised the Manchester City player: “Ederson has a throw that needs to be studied. In a trained play from City, he left Gabriel Jesus in front of the Chilean goal.”

But the boss claimed that there are other goalkeepers who can still fight for a World Cup spot: “This position is not closed either. We have several top-level players for the role.” (via ESPN)

However, despite Tite’s words, the general feeling in Brazil is that Ederson should indeed get a place. Playing for a top club like Manchester City counts a lot, and by the end of the season, he will be much more famous in the country.