The situation lived by Rangers loanee Ianis Hagi in Spain, a move that happened before the arrival of Philippe Clement, is becoming a serious subject in the Romanian media to the point where there are doubts as to whether he should make his national team’s squad.

The Rangers man has mostly stayed on the bench in La Liga lately, with only two appearances in the last eight matches, both of them seeing him be used at the end of the games.

So as Digisport today brings some quotes from Ionut Lupescu about the situation, it’s pointed out that Hagi may end up being overlooked for the Euros, forcing him to watch his teammates from afar.

“I wouldn’t see Ianis’ absence from the Euro as a problem as long as Edi [Edward Iordanescu, Romania’s manager] sets and announces clear criteria for the final squad,” he said.

“Remember how surprised the public was for the absence of Lăcătuş and Sabău from the team for the World Cup in America! But when the matches start, the world forgets and focuses on the emotion of the matches. The important thing is to win.”

Digisport also brings some quotes from Florin Răducioiu about the Rangers player, who also pointed out that manager Edward Iordanescu has some big choices to make.

“It is a problem that we will have. It’s a problem of the coach, of the staff.”

There are players who qualified us with their goals, I mean Hagi, Răzvan Marin, obviously they have problems with the club team. They should play as much as possible.”

Hagi was loaned by Rangers to Alaves last summer. Since then, he made 20 appearances for the Spanish club, but hasn’t started in LaLiga since last year.

That’s a bad scenario not only for the player, who may miss out the Euro, but also for Philippe Clement’s side, who surely want him valued for a potential sale in the future.

Hagi’s contract with Rangers runs until 2026, and the midfielder is currently valued by Transfermarkt at €3.5m, meaning there might not be a lot of money on the table for a transfer when he comes back to Ibrox.