We couldn’t help it.

What, with Nabil Fekir being the man of the moment, and Arsenal links with the France international being something of a career tradition of his, the player’s latest comments were an opportunity to join all the dots again.

Speaking to Le Parisien, Fekir has been asked about joining PSG, and pretty much ruled it out: “When you are Lyonnais, the only attractive French club remains Lyon. There isn’t another which tempts me more than that.”

Good answer Nabil. So where next?

Le Parisien asked which leagues the 24 year old follows: “Spain and England. These are two very attractive championships.”

Fekir also said he wants to play for a team concentrating on attractive football, he’s not interested in battling every week.

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In England, if Fekir isn’t ready for a battle, the likeliest destinations would probably be Manchester City and Arsenal. Those two have been mentioned before, and Fekir, just like previously, may struggle to imagine a place in City’s side.

Back in February 2015, the player’s father talked about his clear Arsenal preference: “Nabil would like to finish 1st or 2nd and play Champions League football with Lyon. If he leaves, it’ll be for Arsenal. It’s the only club that can enable him to progress, with Arsene Wenger. He will not go to Manchester City to sit on the bench.”

It’s not too controversial to say that what applied then may well apply now, with Wenger still in the increasingly hot-seat, and City’s attacking options even greater than they were at the time Fekir’s father spoke.

Joining up with Alexandre Lacazette again would be another star aligned for Fekir to Arsenal, and it just seems to be one of those potential transfers which makes a lot of sense.

That is if the Lyon player doesn’t feel he’s outgrown the Arsenal option.