Sport have pointed out that, regardless of what is being claimed in England, it’s very much them who have been leading with Manchester City interest in Aaron.

They’re entirely correct, of course, and Sport reported before the summer transfer window closed that Manchester City were keen on the Espanyol fullback, and ready to spend €20m to get him.

Whilst those initial claims seemed a little overexcited, Sport have been covering the situation since, with an almost weekly update or reiteration of the situation.

That’s why, whilst they tell their readers ESPN are now also reporting it, and claiming their own sources, Sport are clearly very eager to point out it’s their story, showing newspaper screenshots from previous claims.

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Manchester City have been keeping an eye on Aaron’s performances this season, and there’s also been, albeit nowhere near as strong, claims of Manchester United interest.

A Manchester battle for the left back, manufactured or not, has been timidly floated a couple of times, and it’d be no surprise to see that happen again both before and during the January window.

Maybe next time it’s reported in England there’ll be an acknowledgement where the story actually comes from.

Nah, probably not.