Monchi isn’t at Arsenal yet and whilst he’s been strongly with the Gunners, it’s not a certainty he’ll join them, but that isn’t stopping the former Sevilla and Roma man being dragged into transfer rumours involving the club.

Arsenal are one of a number of clubs to have been linked with Alejandro Grimaldo. The Benfica player was this week named the best in Portugal for the past month, and that’s helped kick transfer rumours off again.

Spanish newspaper Sport have an article talking about the fullback’s current situation and the transfer interest in him.

When it comes to Arsenal they say Monchi has ‘always been in love with his game’ and the sport director’s arrival at the Premier League would further encourage their interest.

That’s not to say any Arsenal interest would be dependent on Monchi, they’ve been linked with Grimaldo for some time now.

In February we covered claims from Spain that the club are ‘best positioned’ to sign the Benfica player.

Whilst the claims weren’t strong, a few days later Arsenal had an official watch Benfica, which could be used to back up the claims of interest.