Chelsea midfielder Melanie Leupolz says she joined the club as she liked the way club put men’s and women’s footballers on equal standing.

The Bayern Munich star is set to join the Blues in the summer, having agreed on a three-year deal to move to Stamford Bridge.

The midfielder, who has won the Frauen-Bundesliga twice, competed at four major tournaments for German’s national team and won the Euros and Olympic Gold, is considered a major coup for Chelsea.

And she’s revealed that she decided to make the switch because the ‘overall package’ worked for her.

“The overall package worked,” she told Frankfurter Rundschau.

“It was really cool conversations that I had with Chelsea trainer Emma Hayes and manager Paul Green, for example.

“I find it exciting that women and men are treated equally in marketing, for example. From the outside, both teams are on the same level; I don’t know that from Germany.

“I also watched some games through the FA Player app and believe that I can continue to develop my game there.”

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Leupolz currently finds herself in isolation with football suspended as Europe tries to battle against Coronavirus.

At the moment it is looking unlikely that the season can return in any shape or form, with the virus continuing to spread and health taking priority.

One solution is that games be played behind closed doors, and Leupolz believes that could be a solution for the women’s game.

“Since we don’t have quite as many fans, the difference would not be as huge as with the men,” she added.

“Of course, we are also talking about TV money, even if it is not that high. I personally would just like to play for FC Bayern again.

“It is not a nice thought to imagine that I have made my last game for the club. So I hope we can play again, but of course, it has to be justifiable from a health point of view.”