Manchester United have a ‘pre-agreement’ to sign James Rodriguez, according to RCN. The ‘agreement in principle’ would see the Real Madrid player arriving at Old Trafford, on the condition Wayne Rooney leaves the club in the coming window.

The claims come from Antonio Casale in a radio show, and it stated they’ve received confirmation from Madrid that Florentino Perez will decide on James’ future in the summer.

The claimed agreement is between the player and Manchester United, so the clubs would have to agree on transfer fee.

James Rodriguez has been repeatedly linked to Manchester United in recent seasons, even before his move to Real Madrid. With Jorge Mendes likely to broker any deal, that further underlines the Manchester United links, through Jose Mourinho.

Who are RCN? Radio Cadena Nacional are not simply a radio station, although they started that way, but a huge media company in Colombia, with TV stations and broadcasting 24 hours a day.

James Rodriguez has spoken to RCN in the past, which isn’t a surprise given they’re a big Colombian broadcaster. As for the track record of RCN, there’s no great bits standing out but, and often more importantly, we can’t immediately see a record of Premier League related nonsense pushed through their channels.

What could concern on this one is that RCN, or at least the journalist breaking the story, has passed it on to Spain’s OK Diario, who have a reputation of huge claims which don’t come off. But it’s probably unfair to cast OK Diario’s shadow of unreliability on RCN based on that alone.