With Sergio Romero’s big history with the Argentina national team, the Manchester United goalkeeper always gets special attention from his country’s press.

Newspaper Olé today features a story about interest from Premier League sides in taking him away from Old Trafford this summer.

It sounds like the outlet is actually taking information from the English press to say that Aston Villa and Everton are both keen on the 33-year-old.

They explain the situation of Jordan Pickford to say Romero would be a great alternative to compete with him during the season, and point out that Villa have just lost Pepe Reina.

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But the most interesting take is how they see Sergio Romero’s situation at Manchester United.

They highlight that the goalkeeper had a ‘good season’ for the Red Devils due to his performances in the FA Cup and Europa League. And the club only got knocked out when David De Gea was picked over him.

Olé finish their story saying “maybe it’s time to move where they respect the place he deserves”.

For a while the Argentine media has been wondering if Romero should seek a new club so he can get more minutes and continue with his place in the national team. So perhaps this is the perfect moment for it.